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Commit. Compete. Connect.

Our Approach

Academy Camps enables athletes to reach for their potential. Our holistic approach is designed to improve your child’s physical, mental and emotional skills as an athlete.

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The Academy Camps Approach

Our athletes choose one “Academy Sport” - Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer or Tennis. This will be the focus of their experience as they train with our high-performance coaches, developing the skills and techniques needed to improve on and off the field. Our goal is to create a culture and camp where athletes experience:

  • Specialized Instruction: Athletes choose an Academy Sport they want to specialize in. Give your athletes the gift of focus and freedom to develop their skills.
  • Balanced Programming: Athletes gain exposure to additional sports and activities throughout their daily schedule. Multi-sport athletes avoid burnout and overuse injuries over time.
  • Camp Culture: Beyond our 3 hours of athletic training, each session includes evening & special events and traditional camp activities. Athletes don’t have to sacrifice skill development at the expense of a true overnight camp experience.

An example of how we blend our athletic & traditional camp activities in our camp community is our camp-wide “color wars,” The AC Cup.

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A Holistic Experience

Being an athlete is more than just training for “your sport.” Our athletes engage in a daily Performance & Wellness curriculum, combining traditional strength and agility work with mindset development.

Performance & Wellness
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The Mindset

Our Athlete Mindset Program provides our athletes with the mental and emotional skills required to build trust and connect with teammates. Academy Camps provides the ideal face-to-face environment to learn and practice communication, collaboration, teamwork, self-discipline, empowerment, and accountability.

Athlete Mindset
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Explore & Discover

The sum experience at Academy Camps ensures that every day is unique. Our athletes take advantage of our full range of athletic, adventure and traditional camp activities.

Additional Sports & Activities
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We understand the importance of providing balanced and nutritious meals. A key to healthy eating is taking advantage of the low-fat proteins, limited saturated fats, whole grains, fruits, calcium and vegetables we offer at every meal.

Food @ Academy Camps