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After two years, including countless hours of dreaming, discussing, and executing our vision into reality, we’re thrilled to announce that Academy Camps is ready for launch at Suffield Academy this coming summer.

To help explain our idea and approach, let’s take a step back. The idea of a sports camp has been around for decades. The idea of sleepaway summer camp is over 100 years old. However, the two have not been blended in a way like this before in one and two-week sessions.

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High quality instruction, an unmatched facility for training and play, summer camp ethos and off-the-field programming, under the care and supervision of incredible coaches, adults and leaders. No false promises of D1 scholarships, just inspired athletes and humans who have a desire to get better and create strong memories and relationships along the way.

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There is still work to be done. But there is literally nothing we’d rather be doing than creating a place that girls and boys can train, play, compete, connect and be inspired through the transformational power that sports and a warm sleepaway camp community provide. A place that we want to send our own sons and daughters.

We hope you’ll follow us, and perhaps even join us, on this journey. We’ll continue to post pictures and updates as Academy Camps develops into its own best self.